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The EU will end data roaming charges in 2017

The European Parliament has passed a law today that will put a stop to mobile roaming data fees by June 2017. This law was passed as part of a larger legislation, which also wanted to strengthen Net Neutrality laws but unfortunately was left with some major problems that could allow …

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FCC considering changes to mobile net neutrality

Net Neutrality is a bit of a hot topic right now and it could become even more so in the years to come. Already we've seen the effects of weakening enforcement in the US, with Netflix suffering under Verizon's throttling of its high definition traffic – to which Netfllix responded …

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EE 4G speeds to double in some cities this summer

Everything Everywhere, the horribly named merged company of Orange and T-Mobile, has pledged to double the speed of available 4G internet to mobile customers by this summer, but unfortunately only in a handful of cities. As it currently stands, 4G data speeds are averaging around the 10Mbit mark. With this …

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4G launches in the UK

Everything Everywhere

While the UK might be far behind the rest of the world when it comes to broadband speeds and mobile data access, it's finally beginning to catch up in one of those areas, with the official launch of the first 4G services in the country today. 10 cities, including: London, …

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