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Apple wants all WatchOS apps to be native after June

When Apple first announced the Apple Watch, the device could not run many of its own native apps. Instead, apps had to connect back to an iPhone through Bluetooth in order to borrow processing power. However, eventually Apple got WatchOS to a point where developers could run apps natively, without …

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Apple delays Watch OS 2 after discovering bug

Apple was all set to launch Watch OS 2 and iOS 9 in just under two hours time. However, it seems that Apple Watch owners will now need to wait a bit longer for their upgrade as Apple has discovered a critical bug with its smart watch software at the …

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Apple Watch SDK to allow devs to build native apps

Right now, the Apple Watch is fairly useless without an iPhone to pair it to, this is because none of the apps are actually running natively but rather borrowing power from your phone and sending that information back to the watch via Bluetooth. However, this will change soon as Apple …

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