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News Corp wants Australian ISPs punished for piracy

One of the main reasons that rates of piracy are so high in Australia, is because the legal ways of getting access to media are either non-existent, or monopolised and criminally expensive and yet News Corp, one of the company’s that ‘suffers’ the most from people pirating its shows, is …

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Australian Netflix customers branded pirates

Australia regularly gets the short end of the stick stuffed where it doesn’t want it, when it comes to media content access. Thanks to its often hyper-inflated per-unit cost for movies, games and TV shows, many people choose to pirate content, making it the copyright infringement capital of the world, …

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‘The Daily’ for iPad is launched

News Corp., the organisation behind some of the worlds leading newspapers has just launched a tablet only news application called ‘The Daily’. While many applications for the iPad are ‘HD’ upgrades, News Corp. has designed this program from the ground up, focusing on delivering the best newsreading experience possible. It …

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News Corp ‘The Daily’ iPad newspaper out in two weeks

James Murdoch, son of industry mogul Rupert Murdoch has said that the iPad exclusive paper ‘The Daily’ should be available within the next two weeks. The Daily is the heavily promoted digital only publication which was originally planned for a January 19th launch but was pushed back at the last …

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Rupert Murdoch bidding to completely own BSkyB

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp are bidding to get complete ownership of BSkyB. He currently only owns 39 percent of the company which will surprise many members of the public as he is already seen as the figurehead of BSkyB. Earlier he bid 675p per share with the stock trading at …

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