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Intel vows to ship 10nm chips in early 2017, retracts its promise

While Intel Corp. has confirmed development of 10nm fabrication process as well as appropriate microprocessors, the company has never revealed exactly when it plans to introduce chips that will succeed its next-generation code-named “Skylake” CPUs. A couple of weeks ago a representative for Intel finally said that its first 10nm …

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Intel: We will lead the world to 10nm microprocessors

Intel Corp. said on Tuesday that it would be the first company to start volume production of chips using 10nm fabrication technology. The company has already demonstrated the first wafers processed using 10nm tech, now it revealed that it will gradually increase its investments in the forthcoming technology in the coming …

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Panasonic GH4 could offer 4K res for just over 1K pounds

While 3D might be on its knees, praying for Avatar 2 and 3 to save its over-hyped butt, tomorrow’s world of 4K delight seems to be a single, inevitable step away. While the TVs can certainly be made available for less than £1,000, there’s still the question of content. Panasonic …

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Nikon announces new Coolpix range

Japanese camera manufacturer, Nikon, has announced a new range of picture boxes to steal your souls, known as COOLPIX. It’ll encompass a wide range of different cameras, including the top end, high megapixel, super zoom range, the more style focused mid-range and a couple of Wi-Fi enabled , networked ones …

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