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Payday 3 might get an offline mode in future update

Payday 3's always-online requirements led to a rough launch weekend, with many being unable to access the game due to connectivity issues. Starbreeze has already confirmed that the third-party matchmaking service it implemented wasn't working as planned. Now due to the launch, the developers are considering adding an option for …

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Payday 3 will require an online connection to play

Payday 3 looks like a very promising sequel, with recent gameplay reveals showing nice upgrades, including improved stealth play and hostage scenarios. Unfortunately, one of the lesser-enjoyed aspects of modern gaming is also making its way to the sequel. Payday 3 will require an always-online connection to play.  While Payday …

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You can now download Netflix shows for Offline viewing


Netflix users have been requesting an offline viewing feature for quite some time now and after plenty of consideration, the streaming service has finally made it happen. Starting from today, Netflix will be getting an offline viewing mode, allowing subscribers to download certain shows and movies to watch later when …

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Elite: Dangerous cancels planned offline mode

Elite: Dangerous is due to release next month but those who have pre-ordered won't be receiving the planned and promised offline play mode. Frontier has decided to ditch the mode as it would be “unacceptably limited and static”. In an update on the game's Kickstarter page, the developer writes: “Going …

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Sim City is finally getting an Offline mode

Almost a year after its painful release, Sim City is finally getting an offline mode in the game's next update, developer Maxis has just announced. While an offline mode is much appreciated, it has raised an important question- How is it suddenly possible to have an offline mode now, when …

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