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One in five would vote for Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party

While Kim Dotcom may have been forced to scrap his Party Party earlier this year, he’s still going ahead with his Internet Party, not a celebration, but a political organisation. In-fact, he’s even more likely to push it forward with it after hearing the news that one in five New …

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Kim Dotcom scraps Party Party over electoral law

Kim Dotcom recently announced two bigs things: that he was launching a political party and that he was throwing a “Party Party,” to celebrate his 40th birthday, the launch of his new album and the two year anniversary of his Megaupload arrest. Now though he’s had to cancel the latter, …

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Kim Dotcom’s political party named, detailed

The Internet Party is the name of digital entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s new political party, giving you little reason to guess what one of its main concerns will be. Much of it will be focused around improving the online privacy of individuals, restricting the spying capabilities (legally, not technologically) of intelligence …

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