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Google warns YoutubeMP3 of “legal consequences”

Youtube-Mp3.org Legal Threat

While many might not bat an eye at ripping a song or favourite audio track from Youtube using one of the many conversion sites, browser add-ons or applications, Google has spoken out about the practice, in particular targeting Youtube-mp3.org with a warning. Claiming that these sort of websites break the …

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Piracy: How do you block the unblockable

When DARPA came up with the idea of an interlinked network of computers, the whole reasoning behind it was that a Soviet attack on one part of the system should not prevent communication. Now governments are putting themselves into the Soviet commander’s seats to play war games. KitGuru declares, we’ll …

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UK £1Bn broadband shortfall solved

Using the old ‘give yourself enough rope and you can inflict a great self-hanging’ wisdom, the UK government decided that 100% of households will have high speed broadband by 2015. Now, according to the LSE (London School of Economics), there will be a shortfall of around $1Bn. KitGuru calculates that …

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USA step up anti piracy with new policing

According to news reports, USA consumers may be facing a much tougher time if they want to download illegal warez online. In the states, the leading television, music and film companies are going to be working with Internet companies to police people who are downloading illegal files and media online. …

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U.S. clamps down hard on piracy – 70 websites shut

The U.S. federal forces are coming down hard on websites that are selling counterfeit and pirated products – shutting down 70 websites last week. These websites offered many goods, such as golf clothing and equipment, scarves and even rap music. The domain names have been seized by the U.S. Immigration …

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RIAA in ‘haven’t a clue’ shocker – Newzbin 2 to open

KitGuru recently reported on the closure, then quick reopening of Bittorrent tracking site Pirates Bay. Another similar situation has happened this week after a long drawn out court case against popular newsgroup search provider Newzbin. After many months battling against the authorities Newzbin finally closed their doors, linking out to …

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