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3D printed stone, metal and wood are here

MakerBot PLA Composite Filaments

MakerBot, the desktop 3D printing company, has revealed four new materials that you can now use to print your creations with. A little more exciting than the plastic that’s been used so far, they’re actually composites that contain real metal, stone and wood making this all the more impressive. These materials are mixed …

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Kickstarter launched for pocket sized robot printer

While 3D printers are getting smaller and cheaper, traditional printers are going mobile, but more expensive. A group of students from the Jerusalem College of Technology have created a pocket sized printer that rolls around on top of your paper like a robot vacuum, eliminating the need for huge, bulky printers. The …

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Canon IPF6400 wide format printer – first look

Since the birth of desktop computing there have been adoring Apple fans fighting from one corner, with die-hard PC format proponents in the other and Linux users unwilling to join the fray as they own and operate the “superior” OS. In the contest that engenders this variety of choice comes much …

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Via helps boost 3D creativity with JAM

Founded in 1987, Via Technologies is a fabless creator of chipsets, processors, memory and other electronics products. Right now, they are causing a stir in the market for a different reason. Jam. Nope, it has nothing to do with cooked fruits and sugar. This Jam is all about creativity – …

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Can you command an HP printer to catch fire?

This time around, we turn the all-seeing VideoScope on claims that hackers can nip around the world, enter your HP printer through its back entrance and plant a command that will cause it to self-destruct. Hot stuff. During the first Iraq war, rumours flew that IBM printers were being used …

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