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Royal Mail further invests in ecommerce future

Royal Mail is not quite the company it once was, with many, many alternatives for those that wish to post letters, parcels and other assorted packages to one another around the world. As retailers like Amazon continually look to create new delivery platforms and trends that Royal Mail struggles to …

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Royal Mail to offer 3D printing services

Of all the ways you could have envisaged the Royal Mail postal delivery service being revamped to be more competitive with the likes of international courier firms, who’d have thought 3D printing would be the way to go? But that’s exactly what’s happening, with the national postal service set to …

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Amazon partners with Royal Mail for pick up

In what must feel like getting in to bed with the devil, Royal Mail has announced a partnership with internet retailer Amazon, to provide customers with an added solution for speedier delivery. This comes just weeks after Royal Mail announced that it was likely to lose out to rival couriers …

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