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Playing Pokémon Go in Russian church saw streamer arrested

While Western Youtubers might be upset about copyright and the monetisation of the streaming site, things can be far worse in other parts of the world. A Russian Youtuber has been arrested and charged for recording himself playing Pokémon Go in church. 21 year old Ruslan Sokolovsky released a Youtube video back …

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Russian space craft restocks ISS after Space X failure

The International Space Station is arguably mankind's greatest technological achievement, so it's important that it remains operational throughout its intended life span and that means keeping the intrepid astronauts and cosmonauts aboard well fed and with plenty to do. Fortunately then, after several failures in 2015 a Russian capsule has docked …

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Webcam hacker did it to improve security

Recently we learned of a Russian website which had streaming links to thousands of web-cameras from around the world, showing everything from children sleeping in their cribs, to shop-fronts and office CCTV. While the site was quickly taken down, its creator has now given an interview where he claims to …

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Russian digital security leak has been ongoing for years


Russian researchers have discovered a piece of malware that is believed to have been consistently leaking confidential documents from embassies, government facilities, nuclear research centres and oil and gas companies for almost half a decade. The malware exploited a bug in government systems that allowed it to recover deleted files …

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