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Webcam hacker did it to improve security

Recently we learned of a Russian website which had streaming links to thousands of web-cameras from around the world, showing everything from children sleeping in their cribs, to shop-fronts and office CCTV. While the site was quickly taken down, its creator has now given an interview where he claims to have hacked the cameras in order to prove their lax security.

Speaking with the Telegraph, the person responsible said that the cameras were only hackable because of “lazy,” security on the part of their creators. Linksys, the manufacturer of one of the leak's most common cameras, has pledged to look into the security of its cameras in the wake of the hack.


The person responsible however, didn't claim any nefarious underpinnings, instead suggesting that he did it in order to point out how problematic a lot of camera security is. He wasn't just pointing the finger at the manufacturers however, suggesting that many people who install such cameras leave them with default passwords, which are easily guessable or retrievable from an online resource.

Since the media outbreak about the hack last week, over 100,000 cameras have been secured, which the hacker takes responsibility for and is quite proud of. He also stated, when prompted by The Telgraph, that he believees everyone deserves the right to privacy in their own home, but that there was no other way in his mind, that he could convince people to tighten their securitty, other than the prove that it had been broken.

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