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FBI, authorities admit they would use iPhone hack again

In the case of Apple vs the FBI over hacking the San Bernardino attacker's iPhone, the authorities have made the case that this is about one device. However countering that claim, the FBI and the Manhattan district attorney, have now both admitted that they would use an Apple back door …

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Apple protected by Judge in separate phone cracking case

A judge has ruled that the American government is not legally entitled to force Apple to unlock an iPhone in a drug case, currently taking place in New York. Although entirely unrelated to the ongoing FBI demands of Apple with regards to the San Bernardino attacker's phone, this case is …

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FBI orders Apple to crack murdering gunman’s iPhone

Apple has been served a court order requesting that it break security on the smartphone previously owned by the deceased gunman behind the San Bernardino attacks last year. Apple however is thought likely to contest the order, which comes at a time when debates are raging around encryption and the government …

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