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TTIP trade deal could wreck environmental protections

Despite being ostensibly focused on trade and championed by many politicians as a bold move which would see prosperity among all nations that take part, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could have a devastating effect on environmental protection. The U.S. driven legislation would change the law on pesticide …

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U.S. spent $350 million+ on lobbying for TPP in the last year

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade deal much like the TTIP which currently threatens to affect medicine prices, copyright law and consumer privacy in the UK and elsewhere. It affects much of the Pacfic island nations, the Western coast countries of South America and North America, with politicians trumpeting …

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Secret court amendments fail

Secret justice

Several amendments to secret courts championing “justice and security bill,” have failed to go through, despite backing from several big name organisations, meaning beginning 8th May, when a new session of parliament is opened, more trials will be able to be held in secret. The reasoning for the bill, is …

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