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First consumer autonomous car trial to begin in Singapore

Cars that drive themselves is something that we’re gradually easing towards with trials and tests, but nobody has begun a full commercial roll out of the technology, until now. In Singapore they’ve signed off on the first official test of autonomous taxis, with MIT spin off, Nutonomy, beating the likes …

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Digital tokens could help ease congestion zone traffic

Congestion is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for many countries around the world. Especially those that have a lot of older cities which were built before the advent of the car. Congestion charges have been tried in some places, London’s most famously, began in 2003, but it’s far from …

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GlobalFoundries to upgrade one of its Singapore fabs to 300mm

GlobalFoundries, one of the world’s top contract makers of semiconductors, said this week it will upgrade one of its 200mm semiconductor production facilities in Singapore. The move will help the company to expand production capacities and increase output of chips made using advanced fabrication technologies. Although GlobalFoundries is one of …

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Wavemaster MOBI-2 picks up Red Dot design award

Since 1955, Red Dot has brought together some of the world’s most respected designers and sifted through a broad range of products, in an attempt to find the best of the best and recognise great design with an award. The results for 2014 are in and a KitGuru Must Have …

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Singapore wants news sites to have a license to report

Singapore would love to be seen as a shining example of Eastern prosperity. It features gleaming clean cities, low crime rates and seemingly little dissent among the populace. Of course a lot of this is to do with the fact that caning children is an accepted practice, capital punishment has been …

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Facebook founder flees the country to avoid tax

Knowing that you’re about to pocket close to $4 Billion, what self-respecting Harvard man wouldn’t consider getting the fastest plane out of the US of A, leaving his passport behind and claiming to be Singaporean?  Reports out of the States seem to indicate that Eduardo Saverin is heading East as …

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