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Wavemaster MOBI-2 picks up Red Dot design award

Since 1955, Red Dot has brought together some of the world’s most respected designers and sifted through a broad range of products, in an attempt to find the best of the best and recognise great design with an award. The results for 2014 are in and a KitGuru Must Have winner has done quite well.

From its humble origins in Essen, Germany in 1955, Red Dot has grown into a truly global global brand in its own right.

It now has permanent museums, dedicated to great design, in Germany Singapore and Taiwan – as well as mobile exhibitions that tour the world.

Previous winners include Porsche, Bose, BMW, Philips and Braun. Pretty decent company.

So how does it work?

Well, every year between 5 and 10,000 products will be submitted to the panel. Each will be categorised into Household, Vehicles, entertainment etc and after much discussion and comparison, just over 70 ‘Best of the Best’ awards will be handed out alongside a larger number of more general awards.

The Wavemaster MOBI-2 is, right now, the best selling mobile speaker of its kind in Germany and the company has plans to bring its ‘German Design, Far East Build’ products to the rest of the world shortly.

Buying any audio product according to how it looks is just dumb, but if the audio quality is good, then good looks are a nice bonus.


KitGuru says: It’s nice that the Red Dot panel agreed with our assessment.

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