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The Sleeping Dogs movie is still happening

Square Enix may have dropped the ball when it came to making a proper sequel to Sleeping Dogs, but it looks like the publisher hasn’t dropped the idea of turning it into a movie. The Hong Kong set crime drama follows the story of Wei Shen, an undercover cop infiltrating …

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The studio behind Sleeping Dogs has abruptly closed


Sleeping Dogs was a well-received title at launch but since then, Square Enix hasn’t been particularly keen about pushing the franchise forward with new entries and eventually, United Front Games had to move on to other projects. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like those projects have helped the studio much as …

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Square Enix is expecting a £42 million loss

I don’t think my last couple of articles attacking Square Enix’s game tracking practices are entirely to blame for this, but if you guys want to say so that’s very kind. The Final Fantasy publisher, has announced that it expects to take a £42 million hit for the first half …

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Sleeping Dogs alongside AMD high end cards

There’s nothing that floats a KitGuru’s boat like an intelligent bundle and that’s appealing and does not add to the cost of a product you wanted to buy anyway. nVidia did a great bundle with Lost Planet in the past and it’s something that we try to take into account …

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