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The Steam app is finally coming to Windows Phone

Valve has been promoting the use of its Steam mobile application for a while now as a way for users to enhance account security. Using Steam Guard has become tied to things like the marketplace trading system and there is even a new CS:GO matchmaking system that verifies users by …

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Steam making more security changes for trading

Late last year Valve implemented a trade hold system for the Steam marketplace with the aim of providing better security for users and help minimize the amount of trading scams taking place. A three-day hold was placed on all trades between nonlong-term Steam friends to allow potential scam victims to …

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Steam Guard required in future for trading

Steam Guard

Starting in mid December, anyone wanting to take part in trading items on Valve’s Steam, will need to have Steam Guard activated. This currently optional layer of protection is being implemented, presumably to prevent hackers taking advantage of the system. This news was spotted by a Redditor, with other commenters …

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