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iOS 10 will finally let you delete stock iPhone apps

Over the years, Apple has heavily expanded the amount of first-party apps it forces on to iOS devices and while iPhone and iPad users have been asking for a way to remove unwanted apps for years, Apple's usual response has been ‘no'. However, that changes this year with iOS 10 …

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iOS users may soon be able to hide stock apps

Over the years, Apple has added a lot to iOS and now we are at a point where there are quite a few pre-installed ‘stock' apps that come on every iPhone and iPad. However, Apple may soon allow iOS users to escape these apps entirely. This has been talked about …

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Apple may eventually let you delete the default apps on iOS

Apple may finally let you delete the pre-installed apps that come with iOS devices at some point in the future. According to the company's CEO, Tim Cook, Apple is currently “looking at” letting iPhone and iPad buyers remove the stock apps, which include things like Tips, Stocks, Compass, Podcasts and …

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