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Fake swatting yourself can get you in trouble too

Swatting has become something of an occupational hazard for popular Twitch and Youtube streamers. If their address is somehow leaked, there are a nefarious few around the world who have falsely called in armed police responses to their homes. It’s very dangerous and can land those responsible in jail, but …

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Another US ‘swatter’ arrested after trio of calls

Swatting, or the practice of calling emergency services with details of a phony high stakes crime with the hope of eliciting a scary and potentially dangerous response from local SWAT teams, has been a problem for years, with software used to obfuscate the original caller’s identity making it hard to …

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Twitch streamer swatted in front of 60,000 viewers

A Runescape Twitch streamer was swatted last week in front of 60,000 viewers. Last Thursday, an armed SWAT team turned up at Joshua Peter’s (KoopaTroopa on Twitch), home following a fake emergency service call. The streamer’s ten year old brother was unfortunate enough to answer the door. Peters left the …

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