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Sony is designing headphones that don’t touch your ears

Sony has been experimenting a lot with new products recently in an effort to crack the next big thing and return to profitability. This week, Sony's ‘Future Lab' showed off one of its new prototypes- futuristic looking headphones that don't touch your ears. The product is codenamed ‘Concept N' so …

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Google explains why it abandoned the steering wheel

The head of Google's X division has explained why the company chose to abandon the steering wheel in its self-driving cars, claiming that humans are “not a reliable backup”, particularly in emergency situations, during a talk at SXSW this week. Astro Teller said that during the company's tests, they found …

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Napster documentary Downloaded to premier at SXSW

A documentary directed by Alex Winters, the most excellent companion to Keanu Reeve's Ted, from Bill and Ted, called Downloaded, is set to debut at the South by South West festival, chronicling the rise and fall of the internet's first dominant, Peer to Peer file transfer service, Napster, and its …

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