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Virgin may one day compete directly with Uber

One of the more head scratching moves made by local governments and authorities in looking to deal with the destabilising effect the Uber ride-hailing company has had on the traditional transport business, is restricting it. Transport for London famously pushed for a five minute minimum wait time for customers to …

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Uber faces London court battle today

Uber has been facing stiff opposition to its operation almost since it began service several years ago. It’s had to deal with violence in some countries, protests from entire working sectors and most recently court battles, where taxi industries attempt to shut it out of their industry. The latest battle …

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Uber makes a huge loss every year

Despite being the crest of a wave of change in the way we get about our roadways, Uber, the app based taxi service which in just a few years has grown to be worth an estimated $50 billion, is said to be a financial sinkhole, losing tens of millions a …

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