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More sites shut down comments, what’s to be done?

For a long time, certain sites and their comment sections have been considered easily-accessible, but murky parts of the internet, that few wish to spend much time in. Now, a number of high profile websites have recently announced the closure of their comment sections, citing too much management and moderation …

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Twitter forces Tor users to give up phone number

To help crack down on nuisance and menacing individuals on Twitter, the social network has enacted a new policy whereby US visitors attempting to set up new accounts via the Tor anonymising browser software will be required to activate a phone number before being able to access it. Setting one …

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Xbox Live to get new reputation system

Xbox Live is set to get a revamped reputation system that will separate the trolls and the cheaters from the regular gamers. This new system will inform players when they are playing with someone who has built up a bad reputation and will single out those deemed disruptive by the …

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Riot looking into anti-troll psychology

Troll Hunter

While Riot might be coming right off the back of its banning of a pro League of Legends player, it’s still hot at work on figuring out the best way to combat one of the game’s big problems: the persistence of negative and trolling players. MOBA titles have a reputation for having …

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