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How fast is the speed of light really?

Update: Thanks to our readers for pointing out some of the problems with this piece. Mark Smith came up with a short and sweet analogy for what’s going on in the video below: “The times given are how long *we* perceive it takes light to travel those distances. Relativity tells …

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Deus Ex Universe to be shown at GDC next month

The Game Developers Conference is set to go ahead in March, which will be our first look at the future of games in 2015. At the event, Eidos Montreal will be showing off its new game, Deus Ex Universe, featuring AMD Tress FX 3.0 technology. The description for the Eidos …

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Eidos reveals new Deus EX project engine

Eidos just posted a mysterious screenshot, showing off the new Dawn engine, which is being used to power an upcoming Deus EX project. While the screenshot might not be taken directly from the currently unnamed game itself, it certainly fits the theme very well. The Dawn engine is a modified …

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Biggest ever telescope gets building permit

The Thirty Metre Telescope (TMT) project just got the go ahead by the local Board of Land and Natural Resources to be built in Hawaii, meaning that in the near future, the little island will house the biggest telescope in the world, with new imaging technology allowing deeper looks into the cosmos than …

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Will the next Einstein be a computer?

Around 10 years ago, a bunch of threads kicked off on science forums around the world, with boffins (pro and amateur) discussing the idea of a computer-based Einstein in the future. A decade ago, most of the contributors thought that the answer was in some kind of amazing new layout …

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