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PC sales declined again in 2016


Worldwide PC sales fell for the fifth year in a row in 2016, totalling 269.7 million units. This represents a 6.2 per cent decline on 2015. Analysts highlight how the most growth has been in sectors of innovation, while stagnation in others has given consumers few reasons to upgrade. Industries …

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Samsung warns investors of potential profit slide

Samsung is expecting its quarter 3 financial results to show a 60 per cent decline in year-on-year profits, showing a consistent downwards trend for the Korean device maker. Analysts had expected the company to generate operating profits of around £3 billion this quarter but the company was quick to warn …

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Tablet market shows no sign of stopping

Looking back over the past couple of decades worth of technology purchases, you'd probably notice more than a few trends. There would be the rise of desktops in the early to mid-90s, then laptops became more popular as their portability increased and then we hit that period of a few …

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