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CeBIT Booth Babe Round-Up, KitGuru spies post pics

OK, it’s sad, we know.
But we’ve had more PMs about the lack of booth babes on the site this week than anything else relating to CeBIT. While waiting for the editorial to get written up, here’s a quick once over of the ladies hired to make technology look appealing.
We’ve also included ‘something for the ladies’ as well.

The last time Zardon got his hands on a pair of XFX black editions, pulses were sent racing. So, 2-0 then?
Cy Brown, Vice President of Sales for XFX, quickly claiming centre stage
Lots of booths chose ‘double trouble’ as a theme, like these Enermax ladies showing off the company’s latest range of high-efficiency PSUs – each of which can run a CrossFire AND SLi system (apparently)


The Cooler Master ladies grooming each other was a big draw on the stand. Anthropology rules.


Although the stand said Thermaltake, these ladies seemed to be in the Thermal-MAKE business. Hot stuff.

KitGuru is an equal opportunities technology totty site, so – for the ladies – here’s a candid snap shot of an eligible bachelor seen window shopping at CeBIT 2011.

We received hundreds of random snaps each day. We choose only one. This is the chosen one. For today.

KitGuru says: In a strange parody of the competition we see in the technology market every day, the booth-babe competition does seem to be a shoot-out between Cooler Master and Thermaltake. Anyone want to venture an opinion from out of the BOX?

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