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Tell us your mobile loves/hates for a chance to win a Next-Gen Amazon Echo!

Almost 100% of KitGuru readers use a smartphone and a significant number of you also have notebooks and tablets. We want to know more about what you love and hate. What you want more of and the features you wish had never been born. 

In January 2018, we passed a huge milestone. Since we first launched on 4th May 2010, we have now served content to over 200 million different IP addresses!

One reason why we've attracted such a huge number of technology enthusiasts, is because we constantly research what YOU are interested in – the kind of content that YOU want more of. We really appreciate the help you give us by completing our short surveys.

Today we’re using a new kind of survey – developed with our partners in the European Hardware Association and two of Europe’s top universities. We apologise in advance if any of the wording seems unusual, but we’re running the same questions in nine different languages, so please forgive us for any minor linguistic wobbles!

The survey should take less than 10 minutes and, if you are so inclined, you can put your email on the last page for a chance to win a Brand New Next Gen Amazon Echo.  This model only launched at the end of 2017.   It is smaller, cuter and much more powerful than the version it replaced!

Once again, we really appreciate you taking the time to do take our survey. Feel free to share the link with friends and family who might like the chance to win a Next-Gen Amazon Echo. Click here or on the image below to begin!


KitGuru says: We will announce the winner on Thursday 1st February – so stay tuned for announcements. Remember, you can share the link with friends and family to increase your chance of someone you know winning!

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