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MEGA G.SKILL COMPETITION: 15 Prizes – 15 Winners

We like to give back to our readers whenever the opportunity presents itself, so we have teamed up with G.Skill to give away 15 prizes! We have five G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 3200MHz DDR4 RAM kits up for grabs, along with five Ripjaws KM780 RGB gaming keyboards and five Ripjaws MX780 gaming mice. As an added bonus, this competition is also open WORLDWIDE.

All three of these prizes have been reviewed and recommended by our team previously, so we are sure you guys will be happy with them! There are 15 prizes in total, with 15 winners, so there is plenty of opportunity to win something. When emailing your entry, please make sure to tell us which of the three different prizes you would most like to win. This will ensure that, should you win, you can make full use of your prize as soon as it’s delivered.

To confirm, the prizes are:


So how do you win? All you need to do is answer the following question:

“What year was G.Skill established?”

If you need help finding out, you can head over to G.Skill’s website. If you think you have the answer, then just send it in an email to us at ‘[email protected]’, with the subject line ‘G.SKILL GIVEAWAY’. Please include your name and a link to your Facebook profile so we can verify that you are a real person and not some form of spambot.

Those who get the answer right will be placed into a prize pool, where 15 winners will be chosen. Don’t forget to tell us which of the three prizes you would most like to win as this will help ensure that you can make good use of your prize.

All entries must reach us by 11:59 PM (UK time) on Sunday the 6th of November 2016. Winners will be announced the following week. All decisions made by KitGuru staff are final. There can only be one entry per reader.

KitGuru Says: Good luck!

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  • Jorge Guerrero

    Date Removed

    Mod: No spoilers please. This is an email entry competition.

  • Mark Graham

    thanks for the chance of that awesome keyboard.

  • Afiq Ramdan

    worth to give a try

  • Amir

    Awesome keyboards and mices xD

  • djluke

    What if I don’t have FB (and any other shitty social) account? How to prove that I am who I am? Disqus or other forums’ accounts will be enough? Or it’s mandatory to have this?

  • RBuschyX

    Thanks for the chance to Win some sweet computer tech.!
    Can I confirm if this is Worldwide?

  • Samer Rustom

    Count me in 🙂

  • sarma777

    Sweet giveaway 🙂

  • Dmitriy Sukhanov


  • Kishin Ro

    So, so, so good.

  • gazp87

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Yup, it’s worldwide.

  • Roman Kudryavtsev

    Nice giveaway!

  • Ako Nga PalasiEdu

    wow nice ! GL everyone who already joined ! =)

  • Andreas Niggemann

    AWESOME !! My fingers crossed !!

  • Svetoslav Stoykov

    Awesome 🙂

  • Robby Miller

    Fingers and toes are crossed! GLHF! 🙂

  • Ako Nga PalasiEdu

    still waiting for winners… =)

  • gorvasrad

    It’s been more than seven days.

  • Josh Dinn

    I won a mouse!

  • gorvasrad

    Where the list of winners?

  • Adrian

    I won some Ram 😀

  • gorvasrad

    Why not publish the list of winners?

  • Luke

    Winners here: http://www.kitguru.net/site-news/competitions/luke-hill/mega-g-skill-competition-winners-announced/