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Nintendo Switch gets a new wave of third-party peripherals

Traction has picked up for the Nintendo Switch as owners will not only be receiving a new Metroid and Pokemon RPG in the future, but a selection of peripherals to choose from. Two companies this week unveiled their new additions to the Switch lineup, with new SNES-style wireless controllers on the way, as well as a new dock.

8Bitdo has captured the essence of the SNES in its retro controller, but built with the Switch in mind keeps all of the features expected for a modern console. The SNES30 Pro features USB-C, Bluetooth, vibration, motion controllers and even player indicator LEDs. Acting as a replacement for the Switch Pro Controller, these will also work on PC and mobile devices, making use of the Bluetooth functionality. And super news for fans as it comes in both the SNES and Super Famicom style.


Although the Switch dock is light, it’s clear Nintendo intended for it to remain indoors while the Switch itself is taken outside. Aiming to make the entire console as portable as it can be, Nyko has stripped down most of the dock to a pocket size stand. Ars Technica reports that the dock is sturdy and holds the console securely even without the shield holding the screen. In fact, it removes the problem of the shield notoriously scratching owner’s screens completely. The company estimates a price range of $45, significantly below Nintendo’s $90 dock and still shops with USB-C and HDMI cables.


KitGuru Says: While it’s good to see things for the Nintendo Switch pick up pace, I’m more excited to see how more third-party peripherals will affect the vastly expensive official versions. Are you thinking of picking any of these up?

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