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Ubisoft shows off three Augmented Reality prototype games for Hololens

Last week, we saw what a solo developer can do with the HoloLens as Abhishek Singh brought Super Mario’s first level to life. Now, we get a peek at what an entire company can do as Ubisoft has shown off three prototype games on Microsoft’s mixed reality headset.

While Microsoft isn’t targeting the HoloLens as a gaming specific device, the company itself has demonstrated several ways in which it can be used for games in the past. Now, we are starting to see third-parties explore gaming possibilities with the headset. Ubisoft brought three small prototypes to the HoloLens during Unite Europe 2017.

Photos leaked by VrFocus

These are experimental prototypes, rather than full games intended for release. One of these projects involves Toy Soldiers reminiscent of Army Men in which one colour faces off against another. This game makes use of Spatial Mapping technology to allow for better interaction between the player and the characters, as well as the characters between the environment.

Ubisoft is also continuing to experiment with Rabbids. Beyond the Mario+Rabbids crossover, Ubisoft has also been working on a mixed reality prototype called ‘Rabid Rockets’, this game also uses Spatial Mapping technology and appears to play a bit like a first person shooter. There is a reticle in the centre of the screen and you look towards where you want to aim.

It’s unlikely when these titles will ever make it out to the public but it’s good to see a AAA developer take interest in pushing the entertainment boundaries of mixed reality.

KitGuru Says: The Hololens isn’t really a consumer product, though Microsoft has made it readily available for $3000 should any developers/hobbyists want to put down the cash. Still, it is good to see a company has huge as Ubisoft starting to experiment with mixed reality. Do you guys think the Hololens could end up being good for gaming? 

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