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Cyberpower, Cooler Master and BattleBot at Maker’s Faire

Newcastle's Life Science Centre will be the home of a hands-on technology event called Maker's Faire on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of April 2017. Enthusiasts of all ages are invited along to be inventive, creative, explorative and down right playful.  Cooler Master will be there with an unusual challenge and system builder Cyberpower will also have its latest systems on display. So what can you expect to see at Maker's Faire 2017 ?

Star of the event is likely to be Photon Storm – an evolution of the original Razer BattleBot. Key to it's attack is the ability to generate up to 12 tons of crushing force with its huge hydraulic hook. Katie Pinnock (who will be there – what more could you want) and the Cooler Master team want to know what 12 tons of force can do – so they're inviting your destructive ideas!

Whether you want to see a TV, keg of beer, water melon or an entire PC suffer the surge of 12 tons, all you have to do is tweet your answer to them by clicking here. 10 items a day will die under Photon Storm's blade – so get suggesting if you want the Cooler Master team to have enough time to go out and find/buy the ‘victims' you suggest.

Alongside this awesome display of crushing, there will be an HTC and Ultimaker workshop at 2pm each day. These 2 hour education specials will teach you how to create 3D designs in a virtual world, then print your concepts with a 3D printer.

To help inspire the modders among you, F3nix Mods will also be running live modding demos all day and there will be a gaming section where you can drop in all day long with the chance to win prizes. To get an idea of what Cyberpower might have on show, check this link.

Small children can go in for free, fee paying adult tickets are only £12 with a special £7 all day ticket for those between 5 and 17. Alternatively, you can buy a 4-bod family ticket for just £28 – all available here. The closest parking is in Times Square, use postcode NE4 7AD on your SatNav.

More than 10,000 visitors are expected and the event is also backed by Northumbria University, The MacRobert Trust, Reece Foundation and Make magazine.

KitGuru says: Testing anything to destruction is fun, but getting a T1000's great-great-grandfather to complete the execution sounds like great robot entertainment.

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