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Girls in charge – if Carlsberg made gamers

So much of the technology market is aimed at men, whereas we all know that at least half the tech being bought these days is going to be owned/used/operated/upgraded by ladies.

KitGuru loaded up the Digital SLR at Multiplay’s i43 event and went in search of the human side of female gaming.

More girls attended i43 than almost any previous UK LAN event. Unfortunately, they were still outnumbered by the blokes – but it’s great to see an increase in competition among the ladies. At the same time, we also smiled long and hard at stands where the women were very much in charge (Kick, you know who we mean).

Here’s a selection of our favourites:-

Infused lover Loren makes you wish that Carlsberg made gamers


The Kick lady loved nothing better than giving pasty young boys a good hard bucking with her evil torture device


Pro-Gaming clan PMS added glamour while sharing a joke with their guru-like manager Maria


Pro Class TV roving reporter Maryann, mic in hand, rocking up a storm with the SteelSeries headsets


Lady heroes from the Anthony Nolan Register stand. So? Have you registered yet? Come on - lives depend on this!


Not sure about the axe goddess, but the girl on the drums looks a lot like Nick Haywood. Shirley not.

.KitGuru says: Everyone we know agrees that technology and gaming needs to become much more accessible to the ladies – and we’re here to do our bit. Any suggestions you might have should be deposited into the KitGuru forums or in the comments section below.

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