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Asus RoG Vulcan Pro Gaming Headset Review

Like most headsets on the market, the Vulcan Pro is adjustable on both sides which makes it easy to achieve a comfortable fit.  The headset is also very lightweight at 326g.  It’s very easy to forget it’s there, even after extended periods of use.

The leatherette earpads are very soft indeed and fell great around your ears.  These are quite comfortable to use for long periods of time but they can get a little sweaty in hotter conditions.

Asus has also padded the headband which distributes the weight of the headset evenly across your head when it’s adjusted correctly.  This further enhances the comfort of the headset.

The stand out feature of the Vulcan Pro is the Active Noise Cancelling technology that also featured on the original Vulcan ANC headset.  This is enabled using the small switch on the underside of the left earcup.

We were quite impressed with the performance of the active noise cancelling technology.  Obviously it doesn’t block out external noise completely but there was a noticeable reduction in noise with ANC enabled.  It seemed to block out lower pitch sounds much better than higher pitches which is ideal for dulling out the drone of fans in a system.

Moving on to the gaming performance of the headset, we were very impressed.  The FPS mode on the USB sound card does a good job of optimising the sound balance of the headset for this type of game.  This, combined with the virtual surround sound, makes an ideal headset for FPS gamers.

The sound produced from the headset is very clear and is slightly biased towards the lower registers.  This makes it ideal for listening to bass heavy music.  The virtual surround sound also shows its benefits when watching movies, improving sound directionality considerably.

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