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Arctic P402 Headphones Review

The Arctic P402 Headphones allow for a comfortable and enjoyable music-playback experience.

Sound quality is by no means ground-breaking, but it is good enough to allow users to enjoy their favourite tunes. Bass levels are good, making lower frequency sounds more realistic. When increasing the volume or listening to high-frequency sounds, the audio output can become ‘tinny' and lack the crispness associated with higher-quality models.

Comfort is a big positive for Arctic's P402 Headphones. The leather ear pads reduce the possibility for friction-related rubbing burns and ear irritation. An adjustable headband allows users to choose their most comfortable wearing style.

Voice-recognition from the in-line microphone was very good. We enjoyed many phone conversations with clarity and no complaints from our recipients.

Arctic's 2-in-1 3.5mm connector addresses the issue that arises when users can't use the microphone due to a portable device's single 3.5mm connector. While this is a positive point for mobile phone users, people wanting to use the Arctic P402 Headphones with a computer can expect to pay up for Arctic's A751 adapter – a cable that makes simultaneously using the microphone input and headphones output a possibility.

This is unacceptable. If the P402 Headphones have limited potential with modern computers, Arctic should supply the necessary equipment to make them fully compatible.

While Arctic's P402 Headphones may not be the best product that the company has ever released, the set does offer an enjoyable music playback experience while maintaining excellent levels of comfort. The required purchase of an additional adapter to make the microphone and headphones simultaneously compatible with a computer is very disappointing.

That said, at £17.99 from Ebuyer, many users will be able to overlook the Arctic P402 Headphones' shortcomings in exchange for an attractive price tag.


  • Comfortable design.
  • Good levels of bass.
  • Good quality microphone.
  • Competitive price tag.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.


  • Audio can become ‘tinny' with higher volume levels and output frequencies.
  • Adapter required to simultaneously use headphones and microphone with a computer.

KitGuru says: A competitively-priced pair of headphones that is worthy of consideration, provided you can overlook the negative shortcomings.

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Rating: 7.0.

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