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Nerdytec CouchMaster Premium Review

Our sample of the CouchMaster was sent in its original packaging, as pictured above, with extra protection from an additional plastic covering and cardboard support.

The sample didn’t suffer any issues during transit, but one inadvertent tear of the plastic and the CouchMaster itself could easily be damaged. We would prefer Nerdytec to supply its retail versions in a large box that would be far more secure.

A 5m USB 3.0 extension cable, 4 port USB 3.0 mains-powered hub, strips of Velcro (hook and loop fasteners) backed by adhesive tape and a storage pouch form the CouchMaster Premium-edition’s bundle. The Basic-edition omits the USB 3.0 hub and extension cable in favour of a €20 price reduction.

Each item has an individual role in making the CouchMaster a portable desk in its own right.

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