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Nerdytec CouchMaster Premium Review

The Nerdytec CouchMaster is an innovative product that solves a clear problem which has inconvenienced PC gamers for many years. With such a vague set of requirements, Nerdytec has done an excellent job in designing a product which is suitable for a majority, rather than minority, of users.

As far as usage goes, the CouchMaster is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Users can give the desk-replacement item the task of housing their keyboard, mouse and other game-related peripherals. Non-gamers can use the CouchMaster to hold their laptop, internet tablet and other portable devices. The CouchMaster has the ability to prevent home-based workers from being confined to their office.

As well as tech-based solutions, the CouchMaster can also be used for a number of day-to-day tasks. The wooden cross board’s smooth, high quality finish is great for writing purposes – ideal for students who need extra space to complete their work. We could go on. The CouchMaster has a large quantity of viable usage scenarios which can provide a solution to even the most basic of problems.

Nerdytec has excelled in designing the CouchMaster to make it suitable for a large audience. Accurate and reliable anthropometric data has been collected to make the CouchMaster’s dimensions and design ergonomically-sound. As proven by Nerdytec’s gallery from Gamescom 2012, which we invite you to take a look at here, the CouchMaster is suitable for a wide variety of body shapes and sizes.

The components’ modular design is another reason that the CouchMaster is such an adaptable product, when it comes to usage. If one style doesn’t suit your individual usage preferences or is causing discomfort, it is easy to make a problem-solving adjustment by simply picking up the cross board and moving the pillars to a desired separation.

A gamer-orientated appearance makes the CouchMaster an even more desirable product. With 7 different colour combinations to choose from, gamers have a good chance of finding the CouchMaster that matches their system and peripherals’ styles.

With storage pouches, cable management areas, comfort-enhancing wrist rests and even a USB 3.0 extension cable and 4 port hub (Premium-edition only), Nerdytec hasn’t cut any corners when making the CouchMaster a fully-functional desk-replacement item.

Available directly from Nerdytec at €159.00 for the Premium-edition or €139.00 for the Basic-edition, users will have to be prepared to dish out a good amount of money for the CouchMaster’s variety of problem-solving applications. If you don’t have a clear usage for the CouchMaster, the €139.00+ price tag will be very hard to justify.

Edit: In the US, Steiger Dynamics now stocks the CouchMaster in a variety of colours and a new Nappa leather material. Our US readers can get their hands on the CouchMaster for $228.00 upwards directly from Steiger Dynamics.

We would like to see a slight price reduction to make the CouchMaster a more justifiable option to a greater number of users. This reduction could be achieved by using cheaper, but equally effective, materials for certain components. A CouchMaster Mini would also be a good idea that would help the item appeal to a greater audience with its lower price and smaller dimensions.

Nerdytec’s CouchMaster is a well-designed product that is built to a high level of quality. For users with a number of specific applications where the CouchMaster’s variety of problem-solving abilities will come in handy, the item is well-worthy of purchasing, provided you can justify the €139.00+ spend.


  • Unique product that has the potential to solve a variety of problems.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Modular design.
  • Well-thought additions such as side pouch and extension cables.
  • Gamer-orientated style and choice of colour schemes.
  • Good amount of internal cable management space.
  • Wide variety of usage scenarios and environments.


  • Wooden cross board is very heavy.
  • Awkward to manoeuvre in and out of the user’s leg area.
  • 60cm length may be too large for some couches (sofas).
  • Price tag will be hard to justify for a large amount of users.

KitGuru says: A truly unique product that has the potential to solve so many problems. If the CouchMaster is of clear use to you, the €139.00 should be justifiable.

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Rating: 8.5.

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