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CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Headset Review

The CM Storm Sirus 5.1 are easily rated in the top 5% of computer oriented headphones and are actually a product I would use daily for playing games.

I have never found a ‘gaming' headset that I felt comfortable with long term, which is why I use the AKG K702 open back dynamic reference headphones with my computer. I don't mind compromising in a few areas, but gaming headsets have just too many gimmicks for my tastes while the overall sound quality tends to suffer, especially with soundstaging, siblance and defined bass response.

The Sirus 5.1 have been designed from the ground up with a complete focus on sound quality, and it shines through. Sadly, many gamers may find them heavy, uncomfortable and uncompromising in design. Being used to headphones 8 to 15 times more expensive than the Sirius means I have already had to adapt to weightier designs so they didn't prove a problem for me. Clan gamers who I got involved in this review admired the sound quality but said that they would find it hard to live with the weight and rigidity.

Rating these headphones is difficult, because on sound quality alone they score 9.5 out of 10. In other areas they may prove difficult for people to live with, so we need to score them a little lower. They are certainly a headset I would recommend you get a hands on with first, because at £114 inc vat they are not an impulse purchase.

If it is the highest sound quality you are after then I have no hesitation recommending these. Just be sure you can live with the weight and uncompromising design. In my opinion the benefits far outweigh the cons.


  • Class leading sound quality.
  • great build quality.
  • control pod is built to last.
  • bass is very focused and powerful.
  • control pod offers fine control.


  • Heavy.
  • Rigid.
  • not cheap.
  • earpads could be a little bigger.

Kitguru says: If sound quality is the primary concern, then be sure to shortlist these.

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Rating: 9.0.

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