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Microsoft reveals its Surface Hub 2 ahead of 2019 launch

Building upon its premium all-in-one Surface Hub, Microsoft is well under way developing the Surface Hub 2 despite production issues resulting in the original device selling to little more than 5,000 customers in total. While the workplace device might never make it onto television commercials due to its exorbitant pricing, Microsoft has detailed the Surface Hub 2 in its own introductory video, coming in 2019.

Microsoft has shaved a few inches off the new Surface Hub 2, bringing it down from 55-inches to a lighter 50.5-inch with superior 4K resolution, and 3:2 aspect ratio sported by other Surface-branded systems.

The Surface Hub 2 forgoes a larger 84-inch model in favour of its ability to connect up to four displays side-by-side. This can be used in the traditional landscape view or easily rotate to a portrait view via its rolling cases and mounts co-developed by Steelcase.

Despite the bezels being much narrower to enable the tiling of multiple displays, each Surface Hub 2 still contains speakers, a far-field microphone array, and a camera, as well as the brand new fingerprint sensor enabling multiple users to log in.

Under the hood, the new device sports the company’s Microsoft 365 enterprise software suite that gives access to Windows 10, Office 365 Enterprise Mobility Security, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Whiteboard.

Microsoft’s chief product office Panos Panay describes the device as more of a huddle board for collaborative ideas rather than a traditional device. “Imagine how much your team could get done being able to work simultaneously across Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerBI, PowerPoint, and a full view video call.”

The company has stayed particularly quiet regarding the price of the Surface Hub 2, which will go up against Google’s $5,000 Jamboard and Cisco’s $4,990 Spark Board. Considering the original Surface Hub debuted at $8,999 for the 55-inch model and $21,000 for the 84-inch model, it will be interesting to see where Microsoft’s new device will sit in the market.

KitGuru Says: I might be looking a little too much into things, but with “June 18” showcased prominently on the device’s display within the video, my guess is that more information will be available then ahead of its 2019 launch. Hopefully cutting down on the staggering price will give the Surface Hub 2 more of a platform in the business world.

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