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Sennheiser G4ME One Headset Review

While the general design of the G4ME One is fairly similar to previous Sennheiser models, they have chosen to give it a more exciting appearance by integrating gloss-white plastic and metallic red elements into the design.  Even though gloss plastic tends to feel less exclusive than matte, Sennheiser have made it work well for this headset. The G4ME One feels very well put together and all of the materials used appear to be of the highest possible quality.


The plastic headband actually feels more sturdy than a number of metal-backboned ones we’ve seen in the past. It features a matte-black finish which contrasts nicely with the gloss-white of the earcups. There is a subtle Sennhiser logo on the outer edge which is offset to one side.


Perhaps the most differentiating feature of the G4ME One is the open acoustic design. While the series of slots in the back of each earcup may appear to be purely aesthetic to an untrained eye, they are actually a functional part of the design. We will discuss the performance implications of this aspect of the design later on in the review.


Sennheiser have decided not to use an inline control with the G4ME One, instead opting for a volume control dial on the right earcup. We prefer this location to an in-line control as it’s easier to locate the volume control dial without looking.


The only notable omission from the in-line control is a microphone mute switch. While the headset features an inbuilt switch that activates and deactivates the microphone when it is folded down and up respectively, many users will want to mute their microphone without having to physically move it.

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  1. Sennheiser make quality products, always owned them, but for the ‘computer’ sector they have a lot of competition and can often be very expernsive for what you get.

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