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Sennheiser G4ME One Headset Review

It is clear that Sennheiser have paid careful attention to making the G4ME One as comfortable as possible. In fact we would say that the G4ME One is one of the most comfortable headsets of this general design that we have ever tested.


Sennheiser have chosen to use velvet earpads which let your skin breathe, meaning they don’t become uncomfortable when gaming for long periods of time. These fit around the ears, pressing gently against the sides of your head.


The inside of the headband features a large pad which helps distribute the weight of the headset across your head. It is also adjustable on either side so that you can achieve a comfortable fit.


When it comes to performance, the G4ME One doesn’t disappoint at all. Sennheiser kindly supplied us with a copy of Hitman Absolution to test with the headset as it was developed using their own sound recording equipment.

It performed very well with this game rendering game sounds with remarkable precision. However, we concentrated our testing on our usual suite so that we could more accurately judge its performance against other headsets we’ve reviewed previously.

In Battlefield 4, game sounds were reproduced with impressive precision. The explosions were rendered with presence, but didn’t completely overpower other sounds. This headset has a more balanced sound stage than many other headsets which are often a little too bass-biased.

As the G4ME One is a stereo headset, the sound-panning isn’t very good when compared with a virtual surround sound headset. This was also noticeable in our movie tests, where the headset otherwise exhibited excellent performance.

Moving on to music playback, the performance of the G4ME One was a cut above the average gaming headset. The balanced sound stage makes the headset well-suited to most genres. Both the treble and bass piano tones in Chopin’s Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 were rendered with complete clarity.

Even though the G4ME One isn’t significantly biased towards the lower registers, it also performed well with more modern drum and bass tracks.

We mentioned that the G4ME One features an open acoustic design earlier in the review. This type of design should reduce distortion and improve sound quality. We don’t find this hard to believe because the headset performed very well in our tests. However, it causes a lot of sound leakage from the earcups and fails to prevent outside noise from getting in. This means this headset wouldn’t be well-suited to noisy environments like LAN parties.

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