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Philips Audio launch the Fidelio X3 headphones

The Audio division of Philips has announced a new ‘audiophile’ quality Fidelio X3 flagship headphone that is set to produce a comfortable and luxurious design with exceptional build quality and outstanding audio performance.

Fidelio X3 is the latest iteration of Philips popular open-back headphones that are built around creating products that users will have a real pride in owning. The Fidelio X3 is manufactured from the highest quality components to provide comfortable premium headphones that deliver full-range ‘audiophile’ quality sound.

Philips claims it has designed the Fidelio X3 to combine accuracy with generous bass and warm mid-range. The multi-layered polymer drivers are filled with gel for better damping, with a powerful neodymium motor system for extended high frequency to complement the Philips Fidelio traditional rich bass.

The Philips Fidelio X3 features double-layered ear cups with an internal ridge construction that is designed to reduce vibration. Speaker plates fitted with 50mm drivers are tilted at a 15-degree angle to naturally fit the shape of the ear while ensuring the audio is directed into the ear canal, for a  more immersive listening experience.

Philips has sourced high-quality materials from European specialists such as Muirhead leather from Scotland and Danish Kvadrat acoustic fabric. A lightweight and strong dark satin finish steel frame is covered by the Muirhead leather and is combined with a thick felt headband and velour memory foam ear pads to ensure the Fidelio X3 are the most comfortable as possible headphones to wear for long periods.

Fidelio X3 is also capable of reaching hi-res audio performance levels via the HRA accredited wide bandwidth of 5hz to 40Khz for ultimate performance. The headphones can also be used in a balanced mode to provide the left and right channels with separate ground, which reduces crosstalk and improves stereo separation and a 2.5mm TRRS connector offers excellent connectivity to high-res audio devices.

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KitGuru says: Philips has built on its previous Fidelio designs to bring these new flagship ‘audiophile’ quality headphones. Do any of you guys currently use Philips Fidelio headphones and what do you think of this new X3 design?

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