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G.Skill Ripjaws SR910 real 7.1 gaming headset review


The G.Skill Ripjaws SR910 is immediately quite an attractive piece of kit. Although styled with typical gamer black/red colour scheme, they compliment each other well and the red is not quite as garish as you may see on some gaming headsets.

Made from a solid aluminium frame, the headset does not creak at all when flexed or rotated, which should bode well for testing in virtual reality. It also has a unique look, as instead of being flush with the half circle headband, the earcups actually jut out to the sides on their own short extension arms.


The ear cups look different too, with clear plastic covers that let us see right inside to the Neodymium drivers themselves. We should be able to get a better look when the headset is powered on and the interior LEDs are lit up.

IMG_4623  IMG_4636

Flipping them over gives us a look at the interior of the earcups, with their leatherette padding. No alternative covers were included with this headset, so if you prefer your headphones to have fabric earcup padding, consider looking elsewhere.


Along with the red bands running around the exterior of the earcups, there is also a bit of extra crimson leading from them to the interior band of the headset. The cable is quite loose, so there is plenty of give should you yank the headset around.

There is also quite an attractive G logo, denoting the manufacturer.

IMG_4633 IMG_4637

The headband features more red styling in the form of classy stitching along the edge of it, as well as some additional padding. That red cable we mentioned earlier runs around the interior of the headband, though seems to have been attached with some sort of adhesive, which under certain lights appears glossy – hence the little strips of white you can see in the photograph.

Atop the headband is a large G.Skill logo using the same font choice as elsewhere.

IMG_4644 IMG_4645

One of the features G.Skill was most proud of with this headset is its dual microphone, which uses one to listen to you, and another to listen to the environment, providing active dampening to any external noise other than your voice – great for noisy environments when you still want to get your gaming fix.

That microphone is hidden away when not needed and can be extended out on a retractable boom when it is.


Since this is a headset with its own built-in sound card, it cannot have the usual simple volume control. Instead it has a four inch, desk-bound controller which has an endlessly rotatable volume wheel, a microphone mute button and a secondary switch to choose which channel the volume control is altering at any one time.

This being a 7.1 headset, you can individually adjust the: main, front, rear, centre, side and sub channels.

That sound card also means this headset requires extra juice, so it ends in a USB header rather than the typical multiple 3.5mm outs. The cable is not braided, but it does have a Velcro cable tidy and a gold plated USB connector.

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  3. haha it’s virutal true 7.1 needs plugs into the cmputer machine not a usb . so it’s virtual 7.1