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Pewdiepie responds to media criticism, fellow Youtuber support

Felix Kjellberg, most commonly known as the Youtuber, Pewdiepie, has released an even pitched, sober response to the lambasting he received in the media over the past week. In it he airs his side of the story and highlights some of the scare mongering and click-baiting that traditional media sources employed in their attack on him and his content.

Kjellberg is far and beyond the most popular Youtube star that has ever existed. With more than 53 million subscribers, his online influence is undeniable and that means talking about him does garner a lot of attention. Our own story on this fall out was one of our most popular in recent weeks. It’s for that reason that Kjellberg believes he was targeted by several news outlets, rather than the supposed fascist content his videos were said to contain.

He claims that the media performed an attempted character assassination of him and that mainstream publications have consistently misrepresented him over the years, choosing to ignore his personal story in favour of highlighting his monetary success more than anything. This focus on specific video content most recently, is just more of the same he says.

“I do believe that you can joke about anything,” Kjellberg said, though admitted that there are better ways to make certain jokes than others. Describing himself as a “rookie” when it comes to comedy, Youtube’s biggest star went on to make a point about continuing to learn where the boundaries are and how far they can be pushed or bent by what he says.

He explains how he knows that what he says has consequences, and can understand why Disney and Maker reacted the way they did, but continues to defend his right to say what he wants in the videos he produces, edits and stars in himself. This is a sentiment that a number of popular Youtuber’s have rallied around him for, citing the importance of freedom of expression on platforms like Youtube.

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KitGuru Says: I’m not a big fan of Kjellberg’s content. I don’t find his style fun to watch, but the jokes he’s made were clearly made in an attempt at humour. While his claims of a media conspiracy against him might be debatable, it seems clear that the idea of him being a fascist or a supporter of neo-nazi ideals is ridiculous. If you don’t like his style of humour don’t watch, but there is far more corrupting nonsense on Youtube than his Let’s Plays and screamy VLogs.

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  • Alistair Hardy

    I understand that you often have to cross a boundry in order to find it but joking about jews in such a way is like jumping into a burning building to if it’s going to burn you. It’s a stupid idea and it will have consiquences.
    I don’t watch his video’s, never been a fan, but I do think he’s scrutanised more than he should be.

  • JonasTone

    I am personally not a fan of PewDiePie, but there are 50+ million subscribers who are. He has always put himself out there as a comedian/gamer. People like to do this, take shit out of context is pathetic and an obvious hit piece.

    Anyone with a brain knows this was a joke,

    He could have gone about it in a different way, but he was shocked when they actually did it, was not expecting them to actually do it. But they got paid $5 to do something, they did it. It is pretty straight forward.

    Does that mean he holds those opinions? No, it does not.

    As a gamer i have said shit to people that i do not really mean, through jest or through anger, You want to get angry and people for shit they say online, go and get angry and the racists that plague social media, get angry at the actual bad people rather than some dude who made more money from a single video than most of the people reporting on him will make in a year. They are jealous that some random guy is a millionaire from making stupid videos online, and see themselves as superior.

  • Mike

    Thousands of kids will die today in abortion clinics, and many more at home to chemical abortion pills, because people don’t want more “mouths to feed”. Why not report on this, if you are going to talk about such random non tech related things, on this otherwise tech focused web site? Hey it will probably get you tons of clicks, and actually do some good for this world. As a society we need to talk about this.

    Report on the tech used to murder humans in the womb. Promise… viral clicks.

  • Tyrann

    I hate the fact this guy is a multi-millionaire for what he does. But at the same time i envy him for finding a way to make a killing at the right time. Even if he loses all his subscribers next year, he could retire easily with the amount of money hes made.

  • Wolfie

    Amazing that he still hasn’t taken responsibility for his actions,but continues to blame everyone else.

  • roflcake

    But he didn’t even do anything…

  • 63Jax

    a few squeals and squeaks and he’s back in business…the louder he screams on his vids the more flowers he gets, all the dumb kinds made him a millionaire, lol

  • Andreaasavoy

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  • cpc464freak

    The mainstream media seems be having a concerted effort to curb anyone or anything that could have an influence over the masses, which up until now, has been their domain. It’s nothing to do with content, this is just the excuse for their biased actions.

  • Joangsiggers

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  • Andy White

    A couple of months back I heard that this guy had the most Youtube subs, so I checked out his page expecting to see a charismatic talented person to justify his subs. What I found was a talentless idiot with a squawky voice, which led me to realize that there are literally millions of kids online that have no taste whatsoever.