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Nintendo Switch released early to one buyer, menu video surfaces

One lucky Nintendo fan received their Switch two weeks early when an unnamed U.S. retailer sent it out accidentally. Although they weren't lucky enough to receive some games with the system, this does mean we get a look at the menu and back-end options of the upcoming console.

The Nintendo Switch is set for its official release on 3rd March, alongside a limited number of games. Considering that, we have been shown a surprisingly little amount of video or hands on with how the console works. Sure KitGuru and others were invited to an event to try it out, but we could only play a few games – we weren't allowed to look at menus or the back-end systems.

That's about all hiphoptherobot can play with though, since they don't have access to any games. That's good news for us though, as it means we get a sneak peak at the menu system the Switch employs, as well as a few previously unknown details about the system.

In the short video they uploaded, we see that the Switch boots up very quickly with a little jingle to go with it. The first time it's booted up, the user must select a language, time/date and an image for their account. It doesn't seem like Nintendo is using the Miis to identify user accounts anymore, though they do still show up as an options tab within the settings menu.

We also learn that of the system's 32GB of storage space, around 6GB of it is taken up by the system's operating system and associated software, so there will only be 25.9GB of free space for game installs and DLC downloads – though of course SD Card expansion will be possible.

Although the menus are white by default, you can switch them to black in the back-end, and there's a sleep mode function which should help save battery while you're out and about.

Even though the system doesn't use Mii's as user avatars, it does have space for up to eight of them per console, so if you share your system amongst friends and family, there should be plenty of space for people to have their own accounts. There's also a main-screen news section, which shows off some of the latest game releases and trailers.

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