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Virtual reality: the how, the what, the when (Part1)

You might have heard myself or one of the other writers here at KitGuru discussing virtual reality games, controllers and headsets at some point over the past couple of years. You could say we're a little excited, but nothing in the past can compare to the final few weeks of build up to the official release of both the Oculus Rift CV1 and HTC Vive.

See Virtual reality: the how, the what, the when (Part2) HERE, published 10th March 2016.

Together they represent the first time that high-grade, virtual reality hardware has been made available to the public at a (somewhat) affordable price tag. In this first of several videos discussing the topic of VR, myself and Leo Waldock break down some of the history of the medium, where it is now and where we think it will be headed over the years to come.

While we are waiting like everyone else to get our hands on the final release versions of the Rift and Vive headsets, I brought along my old partner in crime, the Oculus Rift DK2 headset. While a little long in the tooth at this point, it has represented the pinacle of consumer available HMDs for a long time and still offers some exciting experiences for those who own them.

But it's time at the top has now come to an end and instead we look forward to the potential of both of the new headsets, their various tracking measures and what sort of games and experiences we can look forward to in the near future.

Part 2 of this series is coming tomorrow, be sure not to miss it. Discuss on our Facebook page, over HERE.

KitGuru Says: Did you pre-order one of the VR headsets? I couldn't decide in the end and went with both – it helps justifying it to yourself when you can write about them – but there are big benefits to both sets of hardware. I must admit I'm excited to play around for more than a few minutes in Tiltbrush though.

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