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Lenovo is licensing Sony’s PlayStation VR patents to build its own headset

In the VR world, there are several companies that license patents from a few big players. The HTC VIVE is built using Valve's developed technology, meanwhile the Samsung GearVR is built in partnership with Oculus. Now, it looks like Sony is opening up to licensing out its own virtual reality patents, with Lenovo set to be the first customer.

This week, it was announced that Sony has officially licensed its PlayStation VR design to Lenovo. With the license, Lenovo will be able to build its own VR headset based on the PSVR's comfortable design, which means the ergonomics and headband design will be identical.

While the Lenovo VR headset will carry some resemblance to the PlayStation VR, it will run on a completely different platform. In this case, the Lenovo Mirage Solo runs on Google's Daydream platform. As The Verge points out, The Lenovo Mirage Solo originally launched in May, carrying some of the same DNA as the PSVR headset. Sony likely applied legal pressure to get a license into place.

The Sony-Lenovo license will last two years, so we may see more headsets featuring a similar design, perhaps for the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Although a new headset would likely require an extension or renewal of this patent agreement.

KitGuru Says: As much as I enjoy the Oculus Rift, its headstrap is not great. HTC made strides in this area with the VIVE Deluxe strap but I'd still give the top spot to Sony's PSVR in terms of comfort. How many of you have used a VR headset so far? 

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