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Too legit to quit: CS GO betting site seeks gambling license


One of the world's largest Counter Strike: Global Offensive betting sites, CSGO Lounge, has announced that it is applying for an official gambling license, in order to legitimise itself. This comes after it received a cease and desist letter from Valve, as well as a lot of negative attention from …

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RIAA now gunning for not-for-profit audio site

The RIAA baffled many onlookers last week when it went after Reel Radio, a site dedicated to providing archived radio air-checks, where it demanded that archives not be online for more than two weeks and that the site get permission from all stations that originally aired the checks, despite many …

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Driver records to be put online, could drop insurance prices

The British government seems to have finally decided that this old internet fad isn't going away and it could actually help speed up and simplify some of the more stuffy, traditional activities that citizens are forced to drudge through, like renewing car insurance. Along with 20+ other services, driver records …

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