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Oculus to launch “VR Air Bridge” to improve wireless PC VR with Quest 2

It looks like the Oculus team is working on making the Quest 2 PCVR experience even better. At the moment, you can connect the Quest 2 to a PC with a USB-C cable, or via WiFi. Soon to improve quality over the wireless connection, Oculus/Meta may launch a dedicated wireless dongle. 

References to the dongle were discovered through datamining efforts on the latest Oculus driver. The dongle itself appears to be called the “VR Air Bridge”, a D-Link WiFi 6 dongle, which can provide you a dedicated WiFi connection between your PC and Quest 2 headset.

The obvious benefit here is that this wireless connection should cut down on congestion and improve latency, making wireless PCVR a more appealing option compared to a wired connection.

The VR Air Bridge has not been announced yet, but that could change in just a few weeks, as the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will be happening on the 20th of April.

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KitGuru Says: Do many of you use the Quest 2 with your PC regularly? Would you buy something like this for better wireless PCVR? 

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