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PS4 surpasses 100 million units shipped, beating out PS2 and Nintendo Wii

It is well known that Sony has been doing incredibly well throughout this console generation but it looks like the PS4 still had one last record to break before we enter the PS5 generation in 2020. Sony has now shipped over 100 million PS4 consoles, becoming the fastest console to hit that number ever, beating out the PS2 and the Nintendo Wii.

Very few home consoles have reached 100 million units shipped. This quarter, the PS4 joined the club, beating out the Nintendo Wii and PS2 as the fastest selling console to hit that number, although it was a very close race. For a while, the Nintendo Wii had the PS4 beat but the console’s sales slowed down during its fifth year on the market, whereas the PS4 and PS2 did not face the same issue in their respective fifth years on the market. Ultimately, it took the Nintendo Wii around six years to ship 100 million units, the PS2 managed it in five years and nine months and the PS4 has managed it in five years and seven months.

Currently, Sony is projecting to sell 15 million PS4 units during the current financial year. Other recent milestones include over 1 billion software sales on the platform, and PS+ subscriptions have risen to over 36 million.

While we would expect to see PS4 sales start to slow down in 2020, big exclusives like Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part II could keep the console on the best-seller list right up until the launch of the PlayStation 5, which should arrive during the holiday season next year.

KitGuru Says: These sales milestones are always interesting to take a look at, although looking at how well the PS4 continues to sell, I can’t help but wonder if the PS5 might be arriving a tad early. Are any of you still waiting to pick up a PS4 for the exclusive games? 

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