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Sony’s revised and lighter PS5 is now shipping

Last month, reports of a revised PlayStation 5 began to surface, with a few subtle design changes in place and lighter materials. Now, this new PS5 seems to be shipping in some countries, with the main change making it easier to set up the system's base stand. 

As reported by Press Start, the revised PS5 model is now available in Australia. Not only is the console now 300 grams lighter, but Sony has also changed the base stand screw, so the console can be attached without a screwdriver.

The revised console ships with the CFI-1102A model number, instead of the CFI-1000 model number on the launch-edition console. Australia seems to have the first batch, but we should see this revision available in more countries across the world over the next few weeks.

This follows on from Sony's latest earnings report, during which the company claimed that PS5 consoles have already become profitable. The company also plans to double PS5 console sales over the next year.

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