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StarVR One headset features an extra-wide FOV, AMOLED screen and eye tracking

Nvidia wasn’t the only company dropping new announcements at SIGGRAPH this year. StarVR was also in attendance, announcing the StarVR One headset, providing an extra-wide field of view and eye tracking.

StarVR has been around for years now and has had deals with IMAX and other venues to showcase high-end virtual reality. While the company initially started out as a joint investment between Starbreeze and Acer, Starbreeze moved to drop its investment late last year, leaving Acer with majority ownership. Now StarVR is moving forward with new hardware.

The StarVR One aims to cover almost the entire human field of view, with 210 degrees horizontally and 130 degrees vertically, which is a fairly big step up compared to the Oculus Rift or even the HTC VIVE Pro. The StarVR One also implements Tobii eye tracking, which will track eye movements and enable dynamic foveated rendering to improve performance.

Other features include support for SteamVR 2.0 tracking, a 90Hz display refresh rate and a 1,830×1,464 per eye resolution. Pricing is nowhere to be found for the time being, but StarVR is working with a number of partners including Intel, Nvidia and Epic Games, covering both hardware and software optimisation fronts.

KitGuru Says: StarVR has always been intriguing to me, although access to these headsets is fairly scarce in some areas. Have any of you been following StarVR?

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